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Since the year 1992, the language and Information Technology school, and translation office Glossa, located in the famous resort of Ascona (canton Ticino, Switzerland) is passionately committed to offering innovative and captivating itineraries for studying languages, as well as enriching the cultural and linguistic background of those visiting our courses. Thanks to our highly qualified language teachers we are able not only to offer courses that are shaped to meet individual needs and different age-groups, but we also have a philosophy conveying the idea that learning a language should involve experiencing it directly on site, in a place just as unique and special, as the active and motivating manner has to be, by which a Glossa teacher engages his or her pupil during the whole learning process.

Hence the desire to unite the horizons of the blue skies and the blue sea, the land’s scents and traditions and its hospitable inhabitants on the one side with the spirit revealing itself in the face of the magnificent scenery on the other. Getting to know a different lifestyle and conversing in a new language from morning to evening becomes a unique way to have fun with one’s own family and friends, – be this at the sea, in the mountains, at a river, in the woods, be it by visiting sanctuaries, archaeological or historical places of interest, be it by delving into an unspoilt and pristine nature, be it by personally assisting with the wine-harvest, milking and making cheese, the harvesting of fruit, or having a go at preparing one’s own jams, – all that helps learning the language one studies by using it in practice, doing it in an active and lively, but also in a serious and correct manner, which often results in a surprising learning progress.

During your stay, the language school Glossa strives with loving care to offer the maximum comfort not only to its students, but also to all those who desire to spend a special kind of vacation, be it a dynamic or relaxing, creative or meditative, or a romantic and elegant sojourn.

And to fulfil that vision, starting from June 2016, the language school  Glossa will open a luxurious new villa in Praia a Mare, in Calabria, a land that conquers the hearts, enfolds the mind and bestows a HARMONY on body and spirit that was created by the union of the sky and the sea, as if it were a symphony of sounds, colours and scents.

And so HARMONY will be the companion to a unique, unforgettable and incomparable vacation, resulting in a marvellous development with regard to one’s personal, but also professional sphere: All this will take place in that villa of ours called “ARMONIA” (Harmony).

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